Wednesday, April 24, 2013

24-Hour Comics Day Comics Collection on Kickstarter: A NIGHT AT THE SORRENTO AND OTHER STORIES

Just wanted to share with all of you a special collection of 24-Hour Comics Day comics under the title, A NIGHT AT THE SORRENTO AND OTHER COMICS. This is what happens after everyone goes home, all bleary-eyed from staying up all night drawing comics, and then decides to take things further.

Check out the video and the whole kit and kaboodle right HERE.

I hope this will inspire readers here at the 24-Hour Comics Day blog and I invite y'all to support my efforts as best you can. I am doing all I can to rally support. Just a LIKE goes a long way. Thanks so much!

And I look forward to reporting back to you on this year's 24-Hour Comics Day!! There is exciting news up ahead.