Thursday, October 30, 2008

Hellenic Event Final Report

Here are 30 photos and five more videos from our event.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

24HCD Hellas Event report

Here is our first video from the Greek 24 Hour Comics Day. 42 participants. Its 20.30 three hours have past from the start time.

In the second video its 00:55.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

24HCD in France

Pictures and comics from the 24HCD event held by L'Association 'La bande déchaînée'

Les photos ce trouvent au lien suivant :
Les comics au lien suivant :

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

24HCD in Oregon

Links from the Pacific Northwest College of Art:

24HCD Coverage in Massachusetts

The Worcester Art Museum was covered by local press:

And they have pictures! Check them out at

24HCD in Arizona

24 Hour Comics Day was a lot of fun. My plan was to update my blog ( every hour, but the store was actually pretty busy. I was able to update it every two hours with artist profiles. We were able to video tape a portion of the event and the first video is up on YouTube (

I addition to my blog several of the participants updated their blogs during and after the event.

Glenn Wichman's Blog
Glenn Wichman's 24 Hour Comic
Ryan Cody's Blog
Daniel Davis' Blog
DJ Graham's Blog

Shawn Demumbrum
SpazDog Comics

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

24HCD in Mexico

We have over 200+ pics that we took and are already posted at our myspace account... Here's thelink if you want to see all the craziness that was 24HCD!!!

24HCD in Colorado

Check out the comics made in CO:

We have pictures of the event and links to some of the comics that have been uploaded to the web on the Squid Works forums thread beginning here:

Stan Yan
Squid Works Comics

24HCD Coverage in Michigan

Check out the coverage of the 24HCD event at Clem's Collectibles in Lansing, MI:

24HCD Coverage in Santa Fe

From Warehouse 21, Santa Fe, NM:

We got some nice coverage in the Santa Fe New Mexican --
-- that actually appeared in the Sunday morning edition, while the event
was still going on.

Great work, guys!

Monday, October 20, 2008

The whole story

I have uploaded all the scanned pictures. You find them here:
Enjoy and see you next year!!!


New Moon Comics: Little Falls, NJ Report

From The
New Moon Comics, LLC

The 24-Hour Comics Day Challenge was going to start at 11:00 AM on Saturday, but due to a NJ Transit delay our two participant-artists started just before noon - no fear, the challenge was to create a 24-Page comic in 24-Hours so the clock started a bit late for them. Once settled in, Jesus Marquez (long-time friend of ours from the faith-based comic book Megazeen) and his friend Daniel Ramirez dug right in and began working. Taking a few small breaks throughout the day. The real challenge came in the early hours of the morning.

I can say for myself, when I was younger, staying awake all hours of the night was a cakewalk. However, at over 40 years now, my body and mind just can't do it without a fight. The paunchiness hit all three of us at about 4 AM, and the crashing an hour or so later. In an effort to stay awake, and after reading the 24-Hour Comics Day Blogs, I rushed to get our Blog up and running, since somewhere along the line I did not realize that we could post all on the official 24-Hour Comics Day Blog itself (with an invite), oh well, next year to be sure!

To give those of you not too into comics an idea of the magnitude of this events; a few years ago, New Moon Comics participated in the comic-challenge event "Comics Jam War" (you can see the CJW Photo Album here; and signed copies of the book are available in the store for a limited time!) which Jesus and the guys from Megazeen (Joe, Tom, and Keith) all took the bronze. That event called for an 8 page story to be completed in 12 hours, based off of a specific theme. At noon, we were given a picture of a guy in a comic shop with the caption "There's An Alien In The Comics Shop" - our guys had to develop an 8-Page story, and complete all art and lettering within 12 hours.

24-Hour Comics Day is a SOLO project. You can work with others, but it defeats the purpose of the endurance-based challenge. The story, art, and lettering must be completed with a 24 consecutive hour period. Although this seems easy, it is not. During the CJW, the guys finished the 8-Pages with few seconds to spare, and that was a whole team of creators!

I am proud of Jesus and Daniel! They fought hard to get their work done, and make it professional and worthwhile. In the end; sadly, Jesus was unable to complete the challenge of a full 24-Page story, but did make a creative ending to his work; and Daniel, although finished, felt his work could have been better (every artist feels their work could be better, for what it's worth). But, in the end, they fought through the fatigue, the late-night laughter over the poor dialog in the Star Wars prequels, and the need to scream to stay awake. And, they both dragged their tired selves' home determined to do better next year, learning from the experience they just endured.

For me, and for the store - it will be nice to have more creators in the store for next year. We, at one point had 7 creators scheduled, but due to work or other obligations, all but two had to withdraw. However, we expect them and many others next year!

A Call to the 2008 24HCD Venues!

If you ran an official 24-Hour Comics Day event this year, will you please email us with:

Your venue name, the total number of participants and (if you have it) the total number of participants who completed the challenge. Thank you!

Great work, everyone! Congratulations!

Digital 24HCD in Denmark


In Denmark, the 24 Hour Comics Day became an online event hosted by Starting out on Saturday Oct 18th at 10 AM GMT+1, nine amateur and pro comics artists worked on their individual 24 page comic from different locations all over the country (and neighbouring countries - Anna worked from Norway!). Every one or two hours they uploaded their pages to a special thread in the discussion forums of the website, giving the audience an opportunity to watch and comment the work in progress.


Individual links to the finished comics:

FRANK MADSEN ("Kurt Dunder and the Nazi Gold")



We plan to be back in 2009!

Venlig hilsen/Kind regards,


24HCD at the Coffee Cat, Indonesia

After-action report:

Papillon Studios 24HCD pictures

(Mailed on Sunday)

Hallo, there.

We have done 24 Hour Comic Day here, please check our artwork on:

Thank you for visiting us.

Best regard,

24HCD Coverage in UT

Fox News takes a look at 24HCD at Night Flight Comics, Utah.

24HCD Coverage in MT

(Have links to local coverage? Email them to us!)

The Missoulian stops in at Muse Comics to check in on this whole 24-Hour Comics Day thing.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

24 Hrs in Q-Town: Hours 23 and 24

Hi Kids!

Parents are showing up to collect their kids and things are winding down.

Michael finished "Stray Dog" and Paul has 13 pages in the can. He's saying it has something with the hard uncomfortable chairs and Jake is backing him up. Michael says that he had to stand up a lot. That helped. Pete has six pages done but he has assured us he'll finish it onaccounta he likes it.
BIG NEWS! Jeff has finished at 11:59! We are all in awe of his awesomeness in finishing so close to the deadline.

Michael and Jeff looking somewhat ethereal, no?

That's it! We're OUTTA HERE!

See youse next year!

Your pal,


Santa Fe: Just About Wrapped Up


Just a few minutes left here before the cleanup begins. Folks have been wrapping up and heading home all morning, though a few were still sticking it out and trying to finish their comics. The rest of us are just reading them. We also had a visit from a photographer for the Journal North, so check out tomorrow's edition.

We're figuring that we had 25 "official" participants, with plenty of friends, family, and other assorted hangers-on throughout the event. Since the last post, we've seen the completion of Tony's Enjoy the Show, Kirstiann's Black & White (in color), Rafael and Conseulo's Aliens and Heroes (Consuelo also finished four pages of her own story), Caitlin's At the Edge of the Lake, Julie and Tonya's Cowan's the Best Character…, and Katie's Marquis (pencilled, though not all inked). Dale and Chris left with their mostly-completed comics, and Jett, Ethan, Benjy, Emily, Evan, and Vanessa are still plugging away.

Thanks to 7000 BC, True Believers Comics and Gallery, and Warehouse 21 for the use of their awesome new space. Also, thanks again to our food donors: Upper Crust Pizza, Walter Burke Catering, Java Joe's, and La Montanita Co-Op.

24 Hrs in Q-Town: Hours 20 through 22

Hours 21 and 22
Now I ask you, does this look like the face of an old man who has been up for 29 hours?

Here we are at hour 21 and Gwen has finished her comic, "Lola".

The sun is up and shining. The sky is a beautiful blue, not cloud in it and the temperature is a lovely, oh, I don't know, somewhere around 70, 75. Not that I want to boast or anything, but to those people who, like my friend, Chuck, from Chicago, when he got off the plane in Phoenix, saw all the sand, and said, "Where's the beach?", that's just the way it is almost every day here in the Land of Enchantment. I think the weather is the greatest thing about New Mexico. Unlike Phoenix, which is a blast furnace in the summer, we here in Q-Town enjoy mild, sunny winters and warm summers, the temperature rarely topping the century mark. And, it's a dry heat so you don't really even perspire all that much.

And you may wonder why I'm going on and on about all this. Well, the truth is Jake's camera battery died on us so I'm waiting for it to charge up enough so we can get Gwen's pic so the poor girl can go home and start the recovery process from this grueling ordeal. She's being so patient, bless her heart...

The battery has charged enough and we can now bid a fond and grateful farewell to Gwen.

And not only that, but while I was in the bathroom performing my morning ablutions, Stu finished his comic, too.

Here's Stu with his comic.

And Paul has gone for Starbuck's (the BAWLS is long gone, but you know, BAWLS is a proud sponsor of 24 Hour Comic Day).

Bless his heart...

A lotta heart blessin' goin' on here, but then again, it is Sunday.

Hour 20

Sun's up and Aliina has finished her comic at 8:26. Here she is with her comic, "Roll".

Santa Fe: Morning, Bagels, and a Newspaper Article


Yep, morning here in Santa Fe. We've only lost a few and we've got Nikki's Spiffy Whiskers Halloween Edition, James' S.E.F.F., Victoria's Typical Day in Cross Country, and Max's D.A.R.E. done, our ol' buddy Ryk finished his If Thine Eyes Offend Thee… from his place in L.A., and a couple people are just a page or two away from completion. Everyone got some bagels to try and help with that final push.

And this morning also saw our article in the Santa Fe New Mexican (seriously — how cool is that? We're still here working, and reading about ourselves). Captured the spirit of the event pretty well. And though Upper Crust Pizza got mentioned for their donations, Walter Burke Catering, Java Joe's, and La Montanita Co-Op got dropped somewhere along the line.

24 Hrs in Q-Town: Hour 19 or The Sun Also Rises

And so sunrise comes to Harwood Art Center (boy, do I suck at photography, or what? This one's blurry, too.)

24 Hrs in Q-Town: Hours 17 and 18

Hi Kids! Still enthusiastic--whatta trooper, eh?

Anyway, Courtney finished. As I recall, she finished about this time last year, too, except last year she finished first.

Sorry about the blurriness. The ace photo snapper is asleep...

24 Hrs in Q-Town: Hour 16

Well kids, we've lost a few more to the Sandman. But not me. No sir. I'm still wide awake, er, sorta...
Here's Heron proudly displaying his finished comic.

24 Hrs in Q-Town: Hour 15

Here's Nick playing with his DS. I can't tell what game he's playing.
Can you?

We have another finisher. His name is Heron, and he didn't gave it a title. But it's finished!

24 Hrs in Q-Town: Hour 14

Hi Kids!
We're still here, although we lost a few folks. Happens every year (like I know what I'm talking about--this is my second year!).

Jeff's cover. Dontcha love the dancing dog? Me too.

Paul is snoozing. Check out the STAR WARS blankie. The light sabers look like they're glowing! Cool!

Michael takes a snack break and looks pretty serious about it.

24 Hrs in Q-Town: Hour 13

We're still plugging away...

Here's Jeremy, hard at work.

Michael's "Stray Dog"

Paul is working and playing with army men!

Gabe is coming along nicely.

Gwen is working it!


Anna - me! - has completed her work, and she deserves to sleep. don´t you think?

If you want to see all the pictures this is the address:
Later today I will scan them in a proper way, but now I will take a little sleep :) Have a good day, guys from the whole world - it has been good work with you all!

Finished , Muhos Finland

Finished our event two hours ago. We had 27 participants at Muhos County Library . Unfortunately we can't get any examples before the library makes their own copies. Before that there is a nice article plus video and some fotos at  Kaleva's website  (biggest newspaper in Northern Finland).

Esa Holopainen

Saturday, October 18, 2008

24 Hours From Q-Town: Hours 10 through 12

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a WINNAH! At about 10:15, Brooklyn was the first to finish her comic, "Galaxy Breath"!

Tell them what she won, Chuck.
Well Chuck, Brooklyn has won a BAWLS t-shirt and a BAWLS messenger bag and a little orange BAWLS super ball!

BAWLS is a proud sponsor of 24 Hour Comic Day and folks are pinging off the walls here at the Harwood.

Oh, we are so excited!

Your pal,


Santa Fe: Works In Progress, Pizza

A few of the comics in the works; click for larger.


Chris from True Believers took a break from his resurrected Elvis epic to pick up the pizzas from Upper Crust.

We've also got some frito pie that Ana from Warehouse 21 made for us.

Pretty much everyone's back to work now …

HOUR(s) SEVEN through NINE

Hey, I've been busy! It ain't easy trying to decide which pix get posted and then I've gotta download them from Jake's uber camera, resize them onnaccounta they can't be too big, and then upload them to the blogs, which takes forever...

Blah, blah. Woof, woof. Whatever...

Here are some more pix...

Courtney still @ work

Dirk at work

And now we're into HOUR TEN!

Santa Fe: We're Into the Coffee Now

We've gotten our delivery of 5 gallons of coffee from Java Joe's as we head into the eighth hour.

Also — turns out we have a scanner here in the digital media lab (with scanner software, but no image editing capabilities), so for the folks who have been working at 8.5 x 11, we're able to scan their pages as they finish. Good news, and makes it more likely that 7000 BC will be able to assemble a compilation.

24 Hours in Q-Town: Hours 3 through 5

Hi again Kids!
Here's what we've been up to...
Mostly pix this time. After all, they are worth a buncha words, eh?

More of Da Harwood Gang

Jeff and I at Q-Town Blog Central


More of Da Harwood Gang

Da Place

We are behind the upper left window


This is Jeff. He's the one who did the most to get this project going.

Thanks, Jeff!

This is Pete Z. (one of the Z-Boys)

This Paul Z. (the other Z-Boy and President of 7000BC)

Pete and Paul have also been very influential in the making of

24 Hours From Q-Town...