Sunday, October 19, 2008

24 Hrs in Q-Town: Hours 20 through 22

Hours 21 and 22
Now I ask you, does this look like the face of an old man who has been up for 29 hours?

Here we are at hour 21 and Gwen has finished her comic, "Lola".

The sun is up and shining. The sky is a beautiful blue, not cloud in it and the temperature is a lovely, oh, I don't know, somewhere around 70, 75. Not that I want to boast or anything, but to those people who, like my friend, Chuck, from Chicago, when he got off the plane in Phoenix, saw all the sand, and said, "Where's the beach?", that's just the way it is almost every day here in the Land of Enchantment. I think the weather is the greatest thing about New Mexico. Unlike Phoenix, which is a blast furnace in the summer, we here in Q-Town enjoy mild, sunny winters and warm summers, the temperature rarely topping the century mark. And, it's a dry heat so you don't really even perspire all that much.

And you may wonder why I'm going on and on about all this. Well, the truth is Jake's camera battery died on us so I'm waiting for it to charge up enough so we can get Gwen's pic so the poor girl can go home and start the recovery process from this grueling ordeal. She's being so patient, bless her heart...

The battery has charged enough and we can now bid a fond and grateful farewell to Gwen.

And not only that, but while I was in the bathroom performing my morning ablutions, Stu finished his comic, too.

Here's Stu with his comic.

And Paul has gone for Starbuck's (the BAWLS is long gone, but you know, BAWLS is a proud sponsor of 24 Hour Comic Day).

Bless his heart...

A lotta heart blessin' goin' on here, but then again, it is Sunday.

Hour 20

Sun's up and Aliina has finished her comic at 8:26. Here she is with her comic, "Roll".

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