Sunday, October 19, 2008

Santa Fe: Just About Wrapped Up


Just a few minutes left here before the cleanup begins. Folks have been wrapping up and heading home all morning, though a few were still sticking it out and trying to finish their comics. The rest of us are just reading them. We also had a visit from a photographer for the Journal North, so check out tomorrow's edition.

We're figuring that we had 25 "official" participants, with plenty of friends, family, and other assorted hangers-on throughout the event. Since the last post, we've seen the completion of Tony's Enjoy the Show, Kirstiann's Black & White (in color), Rafael and Conseulo's Aliens and Heroes (Consuelo also finished four pages of her own story), Caitlin's At the Edge of the Lake, Julie and Tonya's Cowan's the Best Character…, and Katie's Marquis (pencilled, though not all inked). Dale and Chris left with their mostly-completed comics, and Jett, Ethan, Benjy, Emily, Evan, and Vanessa are still plugging away.

Thanks to 7000 BC, True Believers Comics and Gallery, and Warehouse 21 for the use of their awesome new space. Also, thanks again to our food donors: Upper Crust Pizza, Walter Burke Catering, Java Joe's, and La Montanita Co-Op.

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