Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Post-event update from Greece

Photos of the 24HCD event at ComicWorld Editions in Greece here!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Schwarwels neuer Schweinevogel-Comic vom 24-Stunden-Comic-Tag

Die ersten 6 Seiten auf

Schwarwels Tagebuch vom 24-Stunden-Comic-Tag

Liminka School of Arts, Finland, final report:

Picture: Juho Nevalainen

from 11.00 am 1.10. to 11.00 am 2.10.2011:
  • 64 participiants started
  • 39 finished their 24 pages

Sunday, October 2, 2011

24 Hour Comics Day 2011 in Seattle

We had a great 24 Hour Comics Day in Seattle, at the Phinney Center this year. We had a great group of people this year including Randy Wood, Tom Dougherty, Breanne Boland, Marc Palm, Nikki Burch plus a few others working remotely. Henry Chamberlain coordinated the event again this year at the Phinney Center and thanks the center for the use of its venue. Henry also established a contact with the Experience Music Project and their new horror exhibition: "Can't Look Away: The Lure of Horror Film." We all created comics with a horror theme in honor of the event. Here is a video recap on CNN iReport.

Thanks from Montpelier, Vt.!

I was way too tired (and my laptop battery way too low) to do a final post when we finished up at 10am this morning at Montpelier City Hall. Our event this year was a huge success, with more than 20 people taking attempts at 24-Hour Comics, about half finishing successfully and many, many amazing comics drawn.

Above is a page from Ed Epstein's gorgeous and moving 24-Hour Comic story.

We also had a great media coverage for the event, including this story in the Times Argus and Rutland Herald newspapers. And tomorrow morning - at the crazy time of 6:20am - I'm being interviewed live in the studio at WCAX about the 24-Hour Comic challenge!

We had so much fun. Thanks to everyone who made this event a success. See you next year!

24 Hour Comics Day Is Over In Albuquerque

All done in Albuquerque — another great 24 Hours Comic Day in New Mexico has successfully concluded.


Thanks to the 7000 BC members who worked so hard to put this all together; Media Arts Collaborative Charter School for hosting; Winning Coffee Company and Downtown Java Joe's for their food donations; Astro-Zombies, Comic Warehouse, and the new Kaboom Test Labs for their prize donations. And, of course, to all the participants who made this such an amazing time.


Chuck was liveblogging the day; check out hour-by-hour updates and photos at:
  • HOUR ONE: And So It Begins…
  • HOUR TWO: The Wheels are Turning…
  • HOUR THREE: The Fun Continues…
  • HOUR FOUR: Moving Right Along…
  • HOUR FIVE: Raffle Winners!
  • HOUR SIX: They Say a Picture is Worth 1000 Words…
  • HOUR SEVEN: And a Few Thousand More
  • HOUR NINE: Some Words of Thanks!
  • HOUR TEN: Still Cookin'
  • HOUR ELEVEN: Still More Raffle Winners!
  • HOUR TWELVE: We're Halfway There!
  • HOUR THIRTEEN: And They Say the Arts are Dying in America?
  • HOUR FOURTEEN: The Kids!
  • HOUR FIFTEEN: Getting Closer…
  • HOUR SIXTEEN: We're Still Here…
  • HOUR SEVENTEEN through NINETEEN: Z-Z-Z-z-z-z…
  • HOUR TWENTY: Almost at the Home Stretch
  • HOUR TWENTY-ONE and TWO: The Final Raffle!
  • HOUR TWENTY-THREE: The Finish Line
  • HOUR TWENTY-FOUR: It's All Over, Even the Shouting…

  • Scenes from The Short Box's 24 hour comics event, hosted by the fantastic folks at The Darjeeling Cafe in historic Staunton, VA, and organized by the amazing Megan Hillary.

    The event included art supplies for those who needed them, coffee stations, and chair massages by massage Kristine Sensenig.

    For more information about the events, check out the Staunton Newsleader's article or the WHSV story.

    Thank you to everyone who helped us and participated in this event. It was an amazing experience. Also, thank you for all of your thoughtful insight, especially that survival kit - that was a good call.

    When in Staunton, Virginia, please be sure to stop in to The Short Box comic book shop (3 Lawyer's Row - 540-887-3366), and treat yourself to some gourmet vegan cuisine and sumptuous teas at The Darjeeling Cafe (103 W. Beverley Street, 540-886-2851).

    Finished at Muhos , Finland

    Finished at Muhos , Finland with 29 participants and 13 complete comics.

    Into the home stretch in Albuqurque

    That's Chuck, the documenter of the Albuquerque 24 Hour Comics Day event. After the power nap, he's got plenty of updates at the blog, and pictures of completed comics.

    Watch all the 24 pencil made sketches!

    They are online, freshscanned at my page!
    here is some samples - Watch all the others!

    Follow the link:

    Watch #24HCD unfold on Twitter

    Over the last few days, artists across the globe have been posting 24-Hour Comics Day updates and links to their comics on Twitter! It's a wonderful opportunity to see some of the 24HCD comics and to be part of events everywhere.

    Congratulations to the artists who finished up yesterday! We're in the final hours of many 24HCD events which started Saturday afternoon. You can do it, superstars!

    HOUR 20 in Kitchener, ON, Canada

    Hour 20.

    Wrap up after the event in Madeira Island (Portugal)

    Officially, we just finished our 24 HOUR COMICS DAY in Madeira Island @ 10:00 AM.

    After gathering all the comics drawn and statistical information we concluded the following:
    - This year we had 43 participants, 20 male, 23 female
    - Of these 43, only 6 created a 24-page comic in 24 hours
    - All contestants created 318 pages during these 24 hours, some of them with outstanding quality - and using several sizes and techniques: from watercolors to pencils and india ink. Colored comics, Grayscale, Black and White, Collage - with several themes, from romance to philosophy.

    Everyone enjoyed the event, and here is a photo of the "survivors" that were present at 10:00 AM today, when we wrapped up the event. Such a wonderful crowd!

    We hope to do an exhibition later this year, showcasing all the artwork created during this event!

    Thank you for such a wonderful experience! Lots of hugs to all of you from Madeira Island!

    Comic Combo Leipzig

    One hour to go in Portugal...

    ... but there is something we all agree about 24 HOUR COMICS DAY, as we show in the following video!

    Half of our participants finished their stories (some achieving the goal of 24-pagas, others with smaller stories) - and we are getting ready to publish the final page and story count in an hour when we finally wrap up the 2011 event!

    Now starting hour Eighteen...

    My slow progress!  --Kristin

    It's just 3 a.m. as I check in here...

    We've dwindled to a small group, but Jim Gorman is the first to have completed his 24 page story, and is getting ready to start another.  Yep, he's going to try and keep his original goal of getting two 24 page stories down on paper in one 24-hour session. That's twenty-four pages in six hours if he can do it.  Jim wins his pick of the Canson Fanboy prizes either way.

    Rocky's Pizza arrived with fresh fresh pizza pie earlier this evening, which is a wonderful motivator year after year (Thanks John & crew!) the box of snack treats from Sweet Clover Market is a never-ending treasure-trove (I'm now hooked on orange & rosemary flavored pecans...)  Delicious coffee from Phoenix Books & Cafe has lasted us these past eighteen hours.  We tip our hats to you all!

    24 HCD from NORWAY :D

    Follow me drawing LIVE from Norway :D

    Now I´ve got just 14 hours to go!!

    Watch live video from vargie's channel on

    Saturday, October 1, 2011

    Eight hours to go!

    There's about a dozen of us left drawing comics at Montpelier City Hall with eight hours and ten minutes left in the challenge. It's still a quiet, studious bunch, but I'm sure everyone will loosen up when the wackiness of the 3-5am stretch hits. Anyway, I'm halfway through my comic and listening to Joy Division on my iPhone. Whatever keeps you going!

    Liminka School of Arts (Finland) by night

    About 60 drawing people in several buildings finishing their 24 pages from Saturday 11 am. to Sunday 11 am.

    Escape Velocity Comics, Colorado Springs, CO

    I stopped by Escape Velocity in Colorado Springs for their 24-Hour Comics Day event to speak with the artists who are taking the challenge. They're hard at work, 9 hours into the full 24.

    Good luck, all of you!

    Almost 4 Hours to go in Madeira Island (Portugal) ...

    ... and some of our artists were able to finish their 24-hour comics! From A3 Comics to Pocket Comics, we've had great stories created here today. Here are the covers of the 5 completed 24-pages-comics done until now!