Thursday, August 27, 2009

Are you registered?

Registrations are underway! Register as a host venue at the website using the Host Registration Form.

If you plan to do the 24-Hour Comics challenge by yourself and post your comics hourly to your own website, you can register as a Digital Participant. Just fill out the registration form with your name and email address, and for the venue address just put the URL of the site where you'll be posting the comics!

If you've registered already and don't see your venue up on the site, please be patient! Web updates are running slow but we'll have everyone up there very soon! If it's been a week and you didn't receive an acknowledgement of your registration, please email us at

Thank you!


April Patterson said...

For individual participants, is it necessary to post hourly, as opposed to plowing through the 24 pages and then posting everything all at once?

Nawte said...

Hi, new participant here. I'm a little confused, though. So, if you wish to participate at a site, but are not the host, what do you do for registration?