Monday, September 14, 2009

24HCD in Alaska!

Find them on Facebook by searching "24 Hour Comics Alaska" and check out their 2009 logo:


jamie said...

Things are ramping up in anticipation with fliers and PSA's put out, posters put up and articles getting written up in the local newspaper.

A dozen definite commitments, couple dozen more maybes and many more last-minute random folks will be in attendance so far.

Here's a recent blog post about last year's event (including some spiffy linkage to previous media publicity) + preparations for the 2009 event:

Pat said...

We're doing a 24 hour comics day in Juneau too. Probably just a small handful but we're excited about the event!

jamie said...

Fairbanks got a nice little write-up in the local paper:

Plus the community's now pumped up from a couple awesome talks by visiting cartoonist Jorge Cham, creator of Piled Higher & Deeper Comics). Still more folks are emailing, calling and confirming they'll join in this year or at least stop by for a visit.

jamie said...

Six folks successfully completed their 24 pages: out of 17 that started (including the 11 who stuck through all the way to the bleary end!).

Lots of visitors + support crew, and many thanks again to The Comic Shop in Fairbanks, Alaska for hosting another awesome event!

jamie said...

Here's a recap of the Fairbanks event + pictures over on the Ink & Snow blog: