Wednesday, December 9, 2009

24HCD Documentary


My name is Daniel Larson and this year was my first experience with the 24 Hour Comic event. I've been drawing comics for several years and had heard of the event before, but was never able to participate. This year, my schedule allowed me to jump in. I decided to invite a filmmaker friend of mine to come along and document the experience. What we created was a 37 minute documentary about the event at Double Midnight Comics in Manchester, NH.

A few links to get you started:

My website:
My 24 Hour Comic:

Because the film was so long, we had to break it into 2 separate parts for viewing online:

Part 1-
Part 2-

Hope you enjoy it!

-Daniel Larson

1 comment:

SKETCHFro! said...

Hey, I'm a artist that is currently studying out in Europe (Germany to be exact), but do you think we could get this competition here? I'd love to compete in a 24 Hour Comic run here in Germany!