Tuesday, September 28, 2010

24HCD event covered LIVE for 24-hours in Long Beach, CA!

24HCD received this message from WeVolt.com:

We love three things.

Comics, comic creators, and staying UP ALL NIGHT!

So, check out WeVolt.com's around the clock LIVE coverage of 24 Hour Comics Day at Pulp Fiction Comics in Long Beach, Ca.


Coverage starts @ 12pm (PST) on Saturday ending @ 12pm (PST) Sunday.

Swing by for LIVE updates from participating comic shops all around the country as well as plenty of comic goodness, comedy, nerdness, and random super hero drop ins.

This is going to be a truly interactive event, so please hang out!

Check out Wevolt.com, DrunkDuck.com, and Wowio.com for exclusive content and updates.

Big thanks to ComicsPRO.org for powering this wonderful event!


Thanks to WeVolt.com for the live coverage and good luck to all the creators who will be taking part in the 24-Hour Comics challenge at Pulp Fiction in Long Beach, CA!