Sunday, October 10, 2010

One week later - 24HCD reports Newcastle upon Tyne

It's almost exactly one week since we staggered out of 24 hour comics day and onto the trains to find our way to what each of us laughingly calls civilization.

Ten members of the Newcastle based Paper Jam Comics Collective, plus friends, took part in the event, mostly at our venue (a methodist church, complete with a choir rehersal to keep us company for a few hours), and a couple of folks working on their comics and keeping in touch during the dark hours.

You can read about how we did, our suffering, despair, elation and epiphanies on our newcastle 24 hour comics blog, which we'll be updating as we do more of these. We will.

I think everyone really appreciates the creative benefits of an event like this, success or fail, you always learn something, and we had a fantastic time.

This is what it looked like to us:

Notice on the Door