Monday, June 2, 2008

Registrations open for 24 Hour Comics Day and updates

We are now accepting registrations for host sites for 24 Hour Comics Day 2008. We are still working on the final paperwork but wish to move forward.

If you are planning on hosting an event, please send the following information to

Host site:
Contact Person:
Date/Time of event:

We will send everyone the official paperwork as soon as it is finished.

On related topics, we are working on some benefits for host sites that we hope to announce soon. Thanks for everyone's patience on this. We want to get things done right, which in our case means slowly but surely.

Rick Lowell


devilwithcape said...

Where can we find the offical rules for 24 hour comic? The only place I can find anything is wikipedia. There is some language that I'm unsure of.

On wiki it states: "Only one person may be directly involved in its creation". This is very ambigious. Can only one person create the comic period? Or can One person create it and have "workhorses" (i.e. inkers, Photoshopers).

I'm lead to believe you can have helpers. The original archieve has entries with multiple credits, so I would think that backs my position. But an offical "ruling" would be great.


Rick Lowell said...

Thanks for the question.

The simple answer to your question is no helpers.

Each person has to produce their own comic without help from others. That means all aspects (writing/ drawing/ lettering, etc). The goal is to produce 24 pages in one consecutive 24 hour span. There is to be no advance work (character sketches, outlines).