Sunday, July 13, 2008

Slowly but basics

The preparation continues for this year's event. More host sites are signing up. We hope to have the new web-site up soon. This will include all of the information on what is involved in hosting. Look for more frequent postings on the blog as we get closer

Some of the basics....

Historically host sites have been comic book stores, libraries, and art schools. What is needed is a place where the artists can have a place to work. Obviously tables and chairs are a must. Each site should have a place where the artists can take a nap or break. Cots, couches, bean bag chairs, even beds are a bonus.

Start times of the event vary from site to site, but at least part of the event must be held on the actual date (this year October 18th).

Please feel free to ask any questions (yes, there is a FAQ page in the works). Thanks!

Rick Lowell

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