Thursday, August 28, 2008

BAWLS Guarana --Official 24HCD Energy Drink!

August 28, 2008


Contact: Atom Freeman
Amanda Emmert

ComicsPRO is pleased to announce BAWLS Guarana as the Exclusive Energy Drink Sponsor of 24 Hour Comics Day.

24-Hour Comics Day hosts near a BAWLS distribution point will be able to pick up BAWLS energy drinks ( to keep their cartoonists' minds humming and hands drawing through their 24 hours of comic-book creating.

"As the drink of choice for comic book fans, gamers and geeks alike, BAWLS Guarana is thrilled to be fueling 24 Hour Comics Day!" said Marie Navarro, Marketing Manager. "Our refreshing taste and caffeinated kick is just what these comic fiends need to keep working through the wee hours."

Registered 24HCD venues will be emailed details about picking up their free drinks.

24 Hour Comics Day is an annual challenge for cartoonists to produce a 24-page comic book written, drawn, and completed in 24 consecutive hours.

ComicsPRO, the comic book specialty retailer trade organization, recently assumed the organizational reins for 24HCD with the enthusiastic endorsement of the event's founder, Nat Gertler, publisher of About Comics.

Register to host a 24 Hour Comics Day event here.

ComicsPRO will continue to add resources to the 24 Hour Comics Day website. Participating artists, host sites, and all other interested parties are asked to bookmark the site and check it regularly!

For more information, please continue to check the 24 Hour Comics Day site. For further inquiries and to inquire about how your company can sponsor this worldwide creative event please contact ComicsPRO's Communications Coordinator Amanda Emmert.

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