Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Using your 24HCD event to support Hero Foundry

Press Release approved by the 24HCD committee. Venures are welcome to participate and support The Hero Foundry during your event! Please contact The Hero Foundry directly for more details.

Drawing For Tomorrow: A 24 Hour Comics Day Event

On October 18, 2008 hundreds of artists and writers across the globe will take up pencil and pen and work for 24 straight hours to produce a complete 24 page comic book. Thousands of fans have participated throughout the years. Some have finished, many have not.

In 2006 a handful of participants were looking for a little extra incentive to get them through the late hours so they devised a plan to collect pledges for every page completed and donate the money to The Hero Foundry, a nonprofit charity whose mission is putting comic books into schools, libraries, and hospitals and with these comics inspire the youth of today to be the heroes of tomorrow. Together the volunteers earned a little more than a thousand dollars. This money went to endowments of graphic novels and comics to several libraries across the United States.

“The sense of accomplishment I had was immense, like I had been running a marathon and finally crossed the line. Honestly that was the point - to push one’s self artistically and see what is created under the tight time frame you have. The added incentive of raising money for The Hero Foundry gave me that extra boost I needed to make it through the challenge successfully,” said Hero Foundry President Brian Warthen, who participated in 2006 and 2007 at Titan Comics in Dallas, Texas.

This year The Hero Foundry is hoping to more than double the amount from previous years and is asking that any artists or comic fans that are participating in this year’s 24 Hour Comic Book Day volunteer to collect pledges for every page they complete.

“I didn’t think anything could beat the feeling of inspiration I had the first year I completed all 24 pages of my 24 Hour Comic. And then last year I not only finished the entire comic but, thanks to all the great people who responded so positively to our pledge drive, I was able to raise a lot of money for the Foundry which just made the whole experience that much more important to me,” said Paul Milligan, The Hero Foundry Secretary.

Pledge forms are available at:

For more information on whom you can support with pledges or if you would like to participate please email The Hero Foundry at: You can also check our MySpace page at for current updates on what artist are participating and what comic shops are hosting Drawing For Tomorrow events.

When the event is over and you have collected from those who pledged, you can send a check payable to The Hero Foundry to:

The Hero Foundry
1000 Lamesa Ct Irving, TX 75063

Or pay via Paypal on the front page on the left hand side of our website

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