Friday, September 30, 2011

Britney Victorious!!

Dear Bloggosphere:

I'd like to introduce you to the mastermind behind this year's 24-Hour Comics Day event on the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee campus, and a brand-spanking new 24-Comic Artist:

Congratulations: Britney Winn

YOU MADE IT!!! And you made it look easy!

A few words from Miss Britney: 
This is “an indescribable sense of accomplishment.”
[She turns to me and asks if she has to use her right hand for anything--apparently it's thoroughly knackered. I tell her no. Ice that baby and put it to bed for a few days!]
When I ask her what victory feels like, she smiles sweetly and replies: “I BEAT NEIL GAIMAN!!!!”

Also, CONGRATS!! to all the 24-Hour Comic Artists worldwide (especially you, Stefan *wink!*), and a big THANK YOU to the UWM Library, Collector’s Edge, my English 236: Intro. to the Graphic Novel class (especially you, Britney!), and  everyone at ComicsPRO and 24-Hour Comics Day!!!