Thursday, September 29, 2011

Story-boarding Like Nobody's Business!

Hello from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee library!

We're about a half-hour into our first annual 24-Hour Comics Day on the UWM campus and I'm super stoked!

Yes, I over-packed, and yes, that first PB&J is already calling my name, but it's for a great cause: getting people excited about comics in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Molly, our Library Event Coordinator, hooked us up with some sweet tables in the middle of the Grind coffee shop, and she printed up signs for us. The library is abuzz with Thursday night energy.

Got two of my students in the thick of it, working on story boards, and I'm here with registration forms at the ready! First cup of green tea steeping, Drive soundtrack playing, drafting pencils working's gonna be a great night.

If you're in the Milwaukee area and want to groove on this synergy, come on down!

Check back in with y'all in a few hours. Until then, happy drawrings!!