Friday, October 19, 2012

24HCD in Erie, PA!!

4:25 PM

According to the clock on my website, there are just under 19 hours until the 12 participants who have signed up to be a part of 24HCD in Erie will start their comic books, and I'm probably more nervous than any of them.  How that's possible, I don't know.

My name is Sean, and I'll be updating this post throughout the event.  Pictures and video will come regularly.

See you in the morning!

11:22 AM

Of the 12 people who signed up, we have 7 here today - Brian Rocks, Jude Shingle, Nick Warren, Brandon Bilski, Patrick Rennie, Kerry Shepard, and Todd Schoonover.

 I keep peeking my head outside to look for any wayward souls who may be having trouble finding us.

12:15 PM

The worst thing that's happened so far is that the coffee percolator refused to work for me.  It heated the water, but left the coffee dry.  The Alice DeGeorge threatened to melt it down into bracelets and there was suddenly coffee.  Weird.

Also, Bernard and his wife Trouble arrive!

It's Fall in Erie, PA, but we're all warm and working.

2:45 PM

First lunch break!  I had to take a picture of the food because there is SO MUCH OF IT!  As I get older, I become more and more like my mother and over-anticipate holidays and events to the point where seven or eight additional people could be accommodated at a dinner for five.

Also, Bernard made donuts and Todd made whoopie pies.  

Next post, I'll get to the art and the artists.  I've been avoiding bothering them thus far.

4:45 PM

Bernard and Trouble are working on "Scarecrow" - a psychedelia about fauna who are unbothered by a scarecrow protecting the local flora.

Nick is working on "Escapism".  His inking is a mystery to me. Even looking at the lines, I cannot see how they work.


Kerry is pretty cool in his work.  Unrushed and well-paced.

Brian ("Brian Rocks" - is that a name that does not need to be changed a whit when he's famous?) is focused on his post-apocalyptic thriller.

Jude -who teaches kids how to draw comic books for a living (I'm totally jealous)- is creating a tale of a boy out for an adventure (and there will be a yeti!).

Todd -because someone had to- is going to give the comic book an X rating -perhaps XXX- with "Adventures in Growlr".

Brandon and Patrick sadly had to leave.

There is so much food still.  Oy veh.

8:40 PM

Dinner has been had, and sadly Bernard and Trouble also had to leave.  Next year, everyone brings their families with them!

11 PM

Half way point and five guys are still here!  We've had to raid the ladies' room for toilet paper and lighting a fire in an oil barrel seems a not too-far-off probability, but all continues to go well.

3:50 AM

Kerry just left us.  He has to drive back to Cleveland (1 1/2 hours away) and I'm very nervous.  He said he'd pull over if he got tired and email me when he got home.

"And then there were four..."

2:57 PM

24 Hour Comics day in Erie finished with four artists left, and two of them made the goal of 24 pages!  Not bad for a first go around!  Congrats to Jude Shingle and Brian Rocks for your fortitude and pacing skills!  But no less worthy of congratulations are Nick Warren and Todd Schoonover for making it through the entire 24 hours.  I don't think I saw these guys nap once (I myself pass out for an hour around 2 AM).  Amazing, right?

WJETTV-24 showed up at 10:15 to catch the last celebratory moments of 24HCD.  They asked me a few questions, but I can't remember what.  All I know is that when it was done and they were gone, I realized I was still wearing my Thor knit cap.  Yeah, I ought look like a consummate responsible adult on the news tonight.

Kerry also emailed me that he got home OK.  YAY!

Do I have any final thoughts?  Well, final thoughts four hours later since I fell asleep the moment I got home and was unavailable to update the blog...  Yes.  This is totally happening again next year, but I'm going to chill the hell out about getting food brought in.  We had lots of leftovers -which either the guys took away or was given to a local food bank.  But beyond that I'm going to have to take a few days and think.

Thank  you again to Alice DeGeorge at Presque Isle Printing for getting us donations from the Eerie Roller Girls, Valerio's and The Brewerie.

Good night!, Afternoon!