Saturday, October 20, 2012

New Orleans Update... 13 Hours @ The Joan Mitchell Center

Kelly Stiles: Hey this is also my first time doing the 24 hour comic.  I'm having a lot of fun, and its forcing me to make quick decisions about inking (which I never do) with great results. Gotta get back to it. Good luck everybody!

Kira Mardikes:  Hello, I'm working on a comic about apartment demons in Chicago.  It's been a slow start, I think I have three comics going on simultaneously today, one more realistic (the Chicago one), one fantastical about winged gods finding a lone traveling man in the swamp, and the third is a massacre comic in a cartoony style. You can read some of my finished work at Great work, having fun :)

John Slade: This is my third 24 Hour Comics Day event. I'm currently working on the Fifth issue of my comic title, "Afro Brother Spacemen" a satirical comic about three Black astronauts who protect the USA and the world from the absurd. I'm also one of the hosts of this years event. The artists are all having a splendid time. We've got cartoons and old serials going in the background to get our creativity levels high. Got to get back to work in New Orleans. Good luck to everyone all over the world on this 24 Hour Comics Day.

Caesar Meadows - Three more pages!

April Gilmore joined us a few hours ago...  Welcome on board!

April and Kelly working away.