Thursday, October 8, 2009

24 Hour Comics Day: Exhibit

We put up a display of all the pages (completed or not + some samples from last year's event) from 2009 in the University of Alaska Fairbanks' Wood Center.

This is the student activity center for the university so there's lots of traffic and exposure, and the display is up for the rest of October too. We also included contact information if anyone in the community is interested in participating in other upcoming gigs, like our monthly cartoon jams or workshops with visiting cartoonists.

Also here's a couple shots from the actual event itself - really great turnout from all sorts of folks, both participants + onlookers alike. This was the third year we joined in the challenge, and fully half of the seventeen people who signed up were first-timers. Some more info is linked here and also some history here.

Six successfully accomplished the challenge, but a total of eleven people made it all the way through to noon the next day, which makes 'em all winners anyways. And many thanks go out to the support crews and our official host again, The Comic Shop!

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