Sunday, October 4, 2009

Hour 23eeee from New Mexico

Hi Kids!

It's all over but the shoutin'! Or maybe there won't be any shoutin'...

Anyway, we have more finishers.

Nate and "Insane".
Nick and "The Weird Adventures of Nipples". Hey, I just report it. I don't name it.
Jeff finshed the story with only 16 pages and he told me the rest would be a snowstorm. I know, I'm confused, too, but then with Jeff, it's often confusing. It's his uniquely random methodology about 24 Hour Comics...
And speaking of Jeff, we want to thank his friend, Asia, for breakfast bagels and cream cheese. Mmmm, they were much appreciated!
And here it is, The Final Shot:
And so another 24 Hour Comics Day has come and gone.
Oh, and sorry about the lack of balloon pictures, but apparently they went North this morning. We are South of the Balloon Fiesta Grounds...

It's been fun! See y'all next year!

Chuck and the 7000 B.C. Gang

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