Friday, October 2, 2009

Good Morning!

9.30 am. It´s a bright and sunny morning in Rovaniemi, Northern Finland. Despite the fact that the sun is shining, the weather outside the library is still quite cold, something about minus 5 degrees (C). But, as it´s said also in the earlier blog post, the atmosphere here inside the library is warm and cozy.

Between 7 am. and 9 am. many of the drawers left home. Some of them finished their cartoon with 24 pages and it was really nice to see their faces shining along the rising sun - although drawing all night long must have been quite a hard job. I believe these young ones need a good sleep after 15 - 17 hours of drawing...

At the moment there are about fifteen drawers still working on their pieces of art. One of the girls just fell asleep, leaning her head on the drawing table. Every one else seem to be enthusiastic, and there is no signs of giving up!

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